Top 8 Moments from Game of Thrones Season 6.

“Winter is Here.”

Game of thrones season 6 ended couple of weeks back and well with that the Monday Blues are back again. For me personally this was the best Game of  thrones season ever. I know lots of people thought it was predictable but with a series as popular as GOT there are bound to be fan theories and discussions. And I find it exciting to ponder over different could be scenarios and seeing it come alive, its like you have understood a little bit of writer’s psyche.  It made me happy cry as well as sad cry, there were couple of WTH moments and some of instant satisfaction. My top 8 Game of Thrones moments of this season 6 are:

  1.  R + L = J confirmed.

    Yes this theory has been around for 20 years now but seeing it come true was a different experience. And the way they shot it just made me cry. And even though they didn’t clear the air on Jon’s father but he is a Targaryen. His is the song of Ice and Fire.
  2. Hodor.

    He held the door.  This was completely unexpected. And just to finally know what Hodor means and that he sacrificed his life for his friends was heart wrenching. Kind of reminded me of the time Dobby dies to save Harry Potter.
  3. Battle of Bastard.
    The whole battle was shot beautifully and watching Ramsay finally get what he deserved was satisfying. But for me the best moment in this battle was when Jon is the only one on the field and he can see the Bolton army prancing towards him and even though he knows he is going to die he still pulls out the sword and gets ready to fight them all. Chills!!
  4. Dany making way to westeros.

    After 6 seasons she is finally doing what she wanted to do all this time. She is making her way to westeros with a army of dragons, unsullied, dothraki and support of Greyjoys, Tyrells and Dorne. And even though I don’t like her much but I would love see  Cersie’s reaction to three fire breathing Dragons.
  5. King in the North.

    I know no king but the king in the north, whose name is a Stark. The white wolf. This was a Deja Vu from season 1 I just hope he doesn’t meet the same ending as Robb Stark. I am a Stark supporter so it feels great to see them back in good position in the game of thrones.
  6. Jon and Sansa Reunion.

    It was about time something good happened for the Starks. After all the near misses, this long awaited Stark reunion was clap worthy.
  7. Starks send their Regards.

    Walder Frey dying with a smiling Stark looking over. This pie couldn’t get more delicious. And we have another Stark back in action in Westeros.
  8. Cersie explosion.

    Crazy but it was a brilliant move. Washing out all her enemies with one explosion. Yeah she lost her only child but then to quote her when you play the Game of thrones you either win or die. And the Iron throne is finally hers. The Mad Queen. I am really excited to see what Jamie is going to do , since he slayed the previous Mad King.

Honorable Mentions:

Lyanna Mormont: This girl is Badass.

Hound is Back
Jon Snow Resurrected




What were your favorite Game of Thrones moments of this season ? Do let me know in comments down below.


6 thoughts on “Top 8 Moments from Game of Thrones Season 6.

  1. Another Chilling moment for me was, when Jon Walks with his shield aggressively towards Ramsay, while he is shooting arrows at him.. You can feel the Jon snows aggression in You.. Another well shot scene with High intensity…


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