A Thousand Reasons Why!!

Hi Guys,

So I finally joined the bandwagon and watched 13 Reasons Why. Now I had read the book and didn’t enjoy it so was bit skeptical about the show as well. I wouldn’t say the show is any better than the book but it has been shot beautifully and pulls the heart strings in the right way. The one thing I didn’t like about it (same as the book) was it did not show any way to deal with problems one faces such as bullying, sexual harassment,slut shaming and rumors. I personally feel it would have been a better example if the showed Hannah living and fighting it all because “Life is a bitch and all of us are going to have to go through shit. And blaming others and suicide is not a way out.”If you find 100 reasons why life sucks find atleast one reason why it doesn’t and hold on to it.

I found a piece on instagram by 1.19quoting which really hit the nail in the coffin.

There are so many beautiful things in the world, there’s Art Museums,concerts,diners and swing sets. There’s the feeling of waking up at 2.39 am and realizing you get to go back to sleep. There’s holding hands with someone and feeling the electricity run through your body. There’s cutting your hair short or dying your hair and realizing why you didn’t do it earlier, but there’s also learning to love your frizzy hair and how it can never stay straight because of the humidity. There’s feeling someone’s lips against yours for the first time and finally finishing a project. There’s getting an A after studying your butt off. There’s getting new books. There’s animals and babies and human beings and music. It’s when you feel happiness when you haven’t felt anything but numbness for months. It’s the happy tears when you see your sister in her wedding dress or the warmth you feel when you hear your mom and dad laugh. There’s the feeling when you see your grandparents hug each other on their 60th anniversary, and when your best friend holds your hand while running to a roller coaster. There are so many beautiful things in the world.


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