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I Have Nothing to Wear!!!

When I moved to my new apartment one of things that helped me make the decision was that it had HUGE, like really huge closets with ample of space. It even had a separate closet for shoes. And I was over the moon. I wouldn’t have to store half of my stuff in suitcases anymore. 😃

Well it would be quiet clear that I am a shopping addict , a recovering shopping addict. I am crazy about clothes, shoes and junk jewellery. It was never enough. I would go to a store and see something and I would be like “I need it in my life” or “70 % off !!! It’s an investment. I am saving 2000 bucks here” or when it’s really trying hard it would be like “This one thing and everything will be sorted. Life would be in control.”

It’s said that human desires never cease to exist. Maybe that is so because as soon as one attains it, it stops being a desire and then it’s empty spot needs to be replaced with another longing. It is an unending tale.

And inspite of having over flowing closets I still wake up 90 % of the days thinking I have nothing to wear. Interesting fact, of all the stuff that I own, I guess, I wear 20 % of it over and over again. So out of all the stuff I buy cause I don’t have anything, how much chance do I have of wearing it? do the math!!

For long I had been thinking about what direction I would like to take this blog into fashion wise. And I guess I would take a challenge of blogging outfits styled with only the stuff I have ( as long as possible). A) It would help me in my detox process. B) I can really experiment and find interesting answers to “I don’t have anything to wear” other than “oh! lets just go out and buy something.” Let’s see how it goes.


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