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The Bookling’s Crate Unboxing

Hi Guys!

It’s March already. OMG !!! 2017 is running out of months faster than 2016 like that’s even possible but yeah we are 2 months down. February has been a good month and I got a lot of reading done though not as much as i would have loved. I had a huge TBR of 12 books and I am 5 down and now I am at 21. Yes 21 cause shamelessly I went ahead got myself a LOT of books. I slipped on my no shopping pledge miserably. Anyways while scouting for bookish stuff I came across this book subscription box called The Bookling’s Crate. This was first of its kind I had heard of in India and I definitely had to try it out.

I received it yesterday on 6th March. It arrived at my work place and my monday blues were converted into dancing disco ball of yellows and reds and greens. And though i controlled opening it at work the first thing I did as soon as I reached home was get the box open. It was everything I expected and much more ( I even got my mom and dad curious to what was it and had to spend a good 5 minutes in explaining them about it and giving more than subtle hints that it would make a very good birthday present or any present for that manner :-P)

So how it works is they give you a perfect mash up of bookish goodies and a recently released book based on a monthly theme. And they have various plans to which you can subscribe. I had subscribed for One month plan for the month of March and the theme for this month was Unleash Yourself March. Coming to the contents of the box.

  1. A shoutout slate board with chalks.
  2. Four color me cards with a box of crayons.
  3. Nescafe coffee mocha packet, two lollypops and a pack of choco chip cookie which mysteriously disappeared when I checked today morning (read: culprit : Dad)
  4. Two wooden clips
  5. A Take it all out note slips( my teammates are going to be so jealous)
  6. A book/ tab sleeve
  7. A cute watercolor quote bookmark.
  8. And the book of the month ** drumroll ** Gilded Cage by Vic James.

You can check out their page :-
P.S :- They are having a special Caraval inspired book box for May.