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The Manifesto on how to be Interesting by Holly Bourne

“You go Glen Coco”

Incase you don’t know which movie this quote belongs to then where have you been leaving for last 12 years ?? According to me Mean Girls is epitome of best teen movie ever made. Coming to the book I just finished reading, its a high school drama as well. The Manifesto on how to be Interesting. The book cover and the title are eye catching and had me make a straight bee line towards it. I had read a teen story after a long long time and it was refreshing. I was really impressed by Holly Bourne’s writing and I am pretty sure I am going to like her other books as well. I did manage to get my hands on one of her other books, Soulmates, which I hope to read soon.So let me start by sharing the 4 rules to be interesting.

1) One must be attractive.

2) One must make friends with other attractive people.

3) One must fall in love with somebody forbidden.

4) One must lose all sight of oneself, get into a huge emotional mess, and breakdown as a person.

Synopsis: Bree is by no means popular. Most of the time, she hates her life, her school, her never-there parents. So she writes. But when Bree is told she needs to stop shutting the world out and start living a life worth writing about, The Manifesto on How to be Interesting is born. A manifesto that will change everything; but the question is, at what cost ?

What I felt: I loved this book and its a complete riot. It’s very connectable and you can finish it in one go. The story is kind of a mashup of Mean Girls and Never been kissed but in a good way. Its funny, witty, nostalgic to our own little rebellious a little awkward teen selves and it also addresses lots of issues young people face without being too preachy. And for that I would give Holly a clap.

Our protagonist is Bree, a 17 year old, who is pretty self aware of herself and what I kind of person she is. She wants to be a writer and has written 2 books which were sadly rejected. At the start of the story we see a side of Bree wherein she doesn’t care what the world thinks about her due to which she is not very popular at school. Sometimes we build walls around us to protect ourselves from being hurt. But this also end up keeping people out and away from us. And this what happens with Bree as well.

So when her second book is also rejected, Bree decides to change herself and be like other interesting kids while blogging her journey of being “Interesting”. She does everything to fit in and she does end up being popular. Its in her this makeover that we see other layers of her personality and her relationships improving with other people. There is a huge character growth which i just loved. I would have to say Bree has been one of my favorite book characters I have read recently. What I also liked was how the popular kids were given a human side as well and werent shown just to be mean, self centered people.

I hope she writes a sequel to this book because I want to know what happened next. Coming to the rating, I would recommend everyone especially if you are in school or college you should give it a read.

I would give it a 3.7/5

Even though we have a hundreds of teen movies I would still love to watch this turned into one. My dream movie cast would be:-

  1. Emma Stone as Bree
  2. Rachel Mcadams as Jassmine
  3. Amanda Seyfried as Jessica
  4. Lacy Chabert as Emily
  5.  Kylie Jenner as Gemma
    2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals
  6. MIchael Vartan as Mr. Fellows
  7. Robert Pattinson as Hugo

I know I have almost half the cast of Mean Girls in here but I cant seem to think anyone playing the Queen Bee better than Rachel Mcadams. Who do you guys think will be perfect cast do let me know in comment section below.


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