Book Reviews

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

“The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet.”

After reading I ‘ll Give You the Sun I was totally in love with Jandy Nelson’s writing. She has this amazing way of weaving the characters in your head that you can’t help getting attached to them. So it was but obvious I had to get my hands on her other book ( her debut novel), The Sky is Everywhere. Just like the sunny yellow depicting the sun(for I’ll give you the sun) we have a bright blue cover with a white heart and clouds on it for this one depicting the Sky. I am hoping to get myself a rainbow, from her covers someday. Coming to the book: its a heart breaking, heart lifting, utterly compelling and completely unforgettable novel about first love and first loss.

The story perfectly covers the way our protagonist Lennie deals with grief, anger and a 100 questions after her sister Bailey dies suddenly of a fatal arrhythmia. The loss leaves a huge vacuum inside of her and she finds it difficult filling it which leads her into doing even stupid things. Add to this the head rush of first love. Its perfect cocktail for disaster and thats what happens but Lennie comes out of it stronger and mature. The story beautifully captures this whole process and strikes a chord. We all have suffered losses in our lives and have probably ended of taking similar crazy decisions we wouldn’t even have thought of in our normal state.Also the way she subtly puts it across that sometimes we are so engrossed in our pain we forget to understand that other people might be suffering as much as us is amazing.And the poems added in  between are like cherry on the top.

The characters are interesting. We have Lennie, a 17 year old, wuthering heights obsessed, clarinet player, band geek. Also hopelessly romantic, prone to scattering poems all over the town. The sidekick to her elder sister Bailey. Then we have Gram, Lennie’s crazy, gardening guru, grandma who raised the girls on her own. Her uncle Big, a tree lover and resurrection fanatic. Sarah, Lennie’s best friend and at the moment helpless in not knowing how to help her friend deal with all the things. Then we have the 2 boys: Joe, totally gorgeous, musical genius, everyone’s crazy about, Heathcliff to Lennie’s Cathy. Second is Toby, Bailey’s ex boyfriend and the only who can understand Lennie’s pain according to her. Lastly we have Bailey, whom we see only through the POV of Lennie and other character.

The narrative is fast paced and fresh. Its like perfect little gift box with a neatly tied bow. Frankly speaking I liked I’ll give you the Sun way more than this one, but it’s not a bad book for a first. You should definitely give it a read if you like emotional stories.

I would give it a 3/5 👻  👻  👻


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