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One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Synopsis: Hi, I am Radhika Mehta and I am getting married this week.

I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you. You may not like me too much.

One, I make a lot of money.

Two, I have an opinion on everything .

Three, I have had a boyfriend before. Okay, maybe two.

Now if I was a guy, you would be okay with all of this. But since I am a girl, these three things don’t really make me too likeable, do they?

What I Feel: This is 8th Chetan Bhagat book I have read. Honestly speaking, I was skeptical about buying it, fearing it would be another book written just to be churned out into a Bollywood flick. But the synopsis was pretty interesting so I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon.

The story is something every girl especially an Indian girl can relate to. The mindset and prejudged notions about how a “marriage material” girl should be is put forth in a good way. I, myself being a woman working in the corporate world have been branded as being career minded or of modern thinking for having a different point of view when it comes to marriage. It is an easy read and language is very simple which I feel is one of the biggest plus points of Chetan Bhagat’s writing.

Its a story of self discovery of an intelligent, successful but average looking Indian girl. It could have been so much more but i felt is was over dramatized. I can understand that being constantly told you are not good enough or beautiful enough growing up had made our character Radhika seek validation from men. But as the story progresses there was very little character growth. Also the ending seemed too filmy.

I would give it a 2.75 / 5 rating.

You can get this book on amazon –>

My movie cast for this book would be:

1)Parineeti Chopra as Radhika


2)Sushant Singh Rajput as Debu


3)Milind Soman as Neel


4)Ayushmann Khurana as Brijesh



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