Seven Bookish Facts About Me

  • I love the smell of books. The first thing I do when i get a book is smell it.
  • I have loved reading for as long as I remember. I started with kid magzines like Gokulam, Wisdom and comics like Tinkle and CHampak. I started read my first novel when I was 9 and It was a famous five.

  • I once went through a reading slump which lasted for 3 years. The only book I read or re-read in this time period was Harry Potter series.
  • I don’t buy hardcopies of book unless I know I am going to re-read it or the book really gets me excited. Usually I read eBooks..

  • When I was 10 I had started a library in my house during summer holidays. Kids from all over our colony would come and borrow books. It was a perfect summer job.

  • I usually read 2 books at a time. While travelling I read my ebooks and at home I read the hardcopies.
  • I usually visit Crossword bookstore atleast once a week. I have one store 500 meters from my house and thats like my safe haven.

  • My favorite genre is fantasy and contemprory. I don’t like reading non-fiction. I have read just one biography in my life – Lee Iaccocca.


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