5 TV Shows/Movies that deserve it’s own Book Series

“Happy Weekend”

I would love to say I go out every weekend and socialise and have fun, but who are we kidding. The peace and satisfaction of sometimes just being in bed, ordering pizza and doing a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon is priceless. Solitude is really underrated. These couple of months I have been more of TV series person rather than a movie one. My all time favorite being the previously mentioned F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Suits, HIMYM, The Originals, etc. We have had so many books turned into awesome TV series and movies like Game of Thrones, John Green books, Nicholas Spark novels ( I won’t add the Harry Potter series cause the movies are just not as good as the books except 1 and 2). So here are my pick of TV shows/movies that deserve their own books.

  1. The Originals:- This is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries and follows the Original Vampire family, the Mikaelsons. I would love to read more about their backstory, not just how Klaus became the most feared vampire, but also about other members like Kol, Elijah, Rebecca as well the current storyline of the show. I love this show and find much better than TVD and they totally deserve their book series. They could do something like in Lunar Chronicles where each character gets their own book and then their storylines converge. It will be a fun read.img_5159
  2. Lost:- I remember watching this every sunday with my mom on Star movies and after the episode we would discuss what’s gonna happen next and trying to figure out the clues. It is about group of strangers stranded on a mysterious island after their plane crashes and they trying to solve the various mysteries going on on the island. It is one of the most thrilling shows I have ever seen and I would love to read it in book format.img_5165
  3. Before Sunrise:- I guess this has to be my favorite romantic movie of all time. Two strangers meet each other on a train, get in an engaging conversation and decide to get down in Venice and spend the day together. Over the whole day they share their inner thoughts and fears and fall in love. I just feel the two hour movie time wasn’t enough and I would love to read it more. Like what were they feeling inside and inside the head conversations. They can have a little trilogy with all the three movies:- Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight.img_5163
  4. Supernatural:- Hunters, Angels, Demons,Gods and other supernatural entities what else do we want! This certainly deserves it own book series (maybe comic books). Not all the 11 seasons but first 5 seasons atleast. Each episode can be like a monthly comic book with a backstory for that month’s spirit or demon.img_5161
  5. Prison Break:- Its about two brothers, Lincoln is falsely accused and incarcerated for a murder he didn’t commit so his brother Michael etches out this amazingly crazy plan to break him out. This is a full throttle action and to see it converted into ink and paper will be exciting to read. They can also do little illustrations in the book like the tattoo map from Michael’s back or the secret code messages. I am excited that a new season is starting next year but still it deserves its own book series as well.img_5164

These were my 5 TV shows/movies that deserve their own books. Which are yours? Do let me know in comments below.


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