Book Recommendation

5 Books to Start your Reading Journey.

“Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are”


Books and I, we have a 18 year long love affair. Like all love stories our’s too started on a hot summer day. I had accompanied my mom to school where she worked as a teacher. While exploring here and there i found my way to the school library and Sonia ma’am,our school librarian and one of my favorite teachers gave me a Famous Five so I wouldn’t get bored. Now i loved reading since I remember, but it was limited to magazines and comics. I had a short attention span and sitting in a place reading 200 + book was next to impossible Β for me. Yet once I started reading the aforementioned Famous Five, I lost track of time and didn’t even know when i finished reading it. The book was so relatable and exciting to read that reading didn’t seem to be a huge task at all. As time passed i gradually moved from 200 pages to 1000 pages but the memory of a young me sitting in dusty corner discovering there is a amazing world that existed between the pages still is with me.

The books you start your reading journey with is very important. So here are my personal recommendations to begin yours. These are children books but i guess even adults can read them as I feel they are universal.

  1. Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowling:
    This is still one of my most favourite books of all time. I literally grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermoine from gawky 10 year olds to world saving teens with normal human problems like love troubles, maintaining friendships and mostly finding yourself. Personally I feel Harry Potter is the best woven story of all time. It has fantasy, action, mystery, comedy, drama and little romance as well. And best thing is no matter how old you are you will always enjoy it like a 10 year old.
  2. Enid Blyton Books ( The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and The Five Children & Dog):
    All these books are centred around the same theme, kids solving crime and mysteries. They are relatable and easy to read and make perfect as first novel reads. Enid Blyton is one of the best children genre writers and her other books are also amazing. But just that these are my favourites.
  3. Switchers Trilogy by Kate Thompson
    This is a series about two kids who can shape shift themselves into animals. However once you are above 15 you lose this ability and have to make the choice of the form you will live rest of your life in. The story is unique and there is a lot of action,drama and mystery to it which I loved.
  4. Β Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney
    These books are narrations of the “wimpy kid” Greg as he joins middle school and his adventures as he tries to fit in. His experiences are hilarious. Greg is easy to relate to as we have all gone through similar emotions. Who doesn’t wanna be popular and well liked in school. But it also teaches us the importance of friendship and being a good person. I read this book 2 years back and even though I wasn’t a kid I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene and Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon
    These are similar to Famous Five/Secret Seven series but with main characters who are teenagers. Crime/Mystery solving was my favourite genre growing up and I fancied myself to be a really sleek detective. One of the best things about these is that each book has a new independent story so you can pick anyone of it.

Which are your favourite children books ?? Do let me know in comments below.


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